Be Food Smart. You pay cost plus 10%.Here are some of the more common questions we've received to help you understand more about our store and process.

What is cost +10%?

We price all our items at the cost it takes to get those items from the vendor to our shelf. Once that is determined, we simply add 10%.

Why add 10%?

We add 10% to cover operating expenses such as employees, rent, utilities, etc. There is minimal profit on any given item.

How do you get the cost price?

The cost price is simply the cost it takes for us to get the product from our vendors and put them in the store. This includes purchasing the items, transporting the items to the store, labeling or repackaging (when necessary) and putting the items on the shelves.

How will coupons work now?

Coupons are applied to the total after the 10% surcharge is added and before sales tax is added.